Modern Craft Cider, Made From Apples you Know and Love.

The Best Craft Cider 2019 (officially!)


So What Makes Our Craft Cider the Best?

Single Varietal

Crafted using only single varietal famous apples.

Now you can drink your favourite apple in a sexy bottle. Unadulterated, unblended, pure single varietal ciders.

Wine Style

Made using champagne yeast & steel vats.

Used to boost the extraction of apple characteristics and to seal in extra flavours. Clean & classy.

Fresh pressed

No added sugars or concentrates.

SXOLLIE is made using only 100% fresh pressed apples or pears, ensuring the natural flavours are preserved.


Gluten free & Vegan friendly.

Our cider making process ensures that SXOLLIE is vegan friendly and gluten free. Celebrate your apple a day in style.


Locally sourced from 1 grower.

Single estate apples and pears from Elgin are used. We can tell you the exact orchard and block from where they grow.

Lite cider

Easy drinking and low alcohol.

At 4.5% Alc. SXOLLIE is a perfect alternative to wine, or as an everyday classic, with 1/3 the alcohol units compared to wine. Share it with friends and grow the revolution!

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