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Get your Dad Bod

How to: get your Dad Bod on this Father’s Day!

21 June 2020

For Father’s Day, we thought we would try and help all the Dad’s work on their legendary “Dad Bod’s”, after all, you still need to keep up appearances – the pubs may even open in a few days and you need to look sharp.

So, we enlisted the help of Adam who has kindly put together a little video showing you just how useful a crate of SXOLLIE can actually be in achieving your dream Dad Bod. Although, if your exercise regime is similar to ours, then you probably place the most importance on errr, step 5: rehydrating. Whatever your priority is this Father’s Day, SXOLLIE's got you covered.

And if you are feeling a little disheartened at the thought of exercise at the moment, remember; the more SXOLLIE you get through, the lighter the crate gets – making that next workout even easier 💪. RESULT!